Cronosphere Intermission

Events in this article cannot be proven it has transpired but then again, just like in the Cronosphere, when past/present/future timelines converge, who is to say it hasn’t?

Weekday. Somewhere in central Singapore, on a bright day…

[JP] Hey Kris! Glad to bump into you here, alone at Starbucks on a hot sunny day in Singapore! What’s up bro?
[Kris] Good to see you JP. Guess I’ll never be free of you stalking types whenever I come to the office. Look, I’ll answer your questions but please, take it off the record ok or else the next time, make an appointment like the rest of the folks.
[JP] You break my heart bro. You know us CROfam live for the successes of Cronos and by extension,
[Kris] Hah! You take things too seriously! Come, take a seat and tell me what’s new and happening with life lately. I saw you upgraded to the new Icy White so this round of coffee is on ya.

[JP] No problem ser! Coffee I can afford but you know, the cashback and staking is gonna be gimped very soon for a lot of folks.
[Kris] Sigh. I know but you guys have to look at it from our perspective. At the end of the day, the shareholders need to see good numbers as well and maintaining those high returns like we have done for the past years is getting to be quite a challenge.
We want the best for all users too but at some point sustainability becomes an issue.
[JP] *frowns* Now who’s taking things too seriously? There will always be haters and you know the hardcore supporters will always manage the change and adapt. But one thing though, take something away but don’t forget to give back too.
[Kris] I will. Point noted. Now do share any updates going on with you lately? Hope you are surviving the current bearish market?
[JP] Everything is shit lately but you know Cronosphere has a vault upgrade just yesterday. Our dev just released v3 of the Cronosphere vault with improvements over the last iteration. It’s live now and new popular pairings will be added as and when required.

[Kris] Criptoe? He always struck me as a perfectionist and he is still doing constant improvements? That will set his reputation well for the future when other opportunities arise.
But seriously, a vault is a vault is a vault. It’s not that big of a deal for some people right?

[JP] Well, that’s where you are wrong bro. The community that grew with Cronosphere knows that the v3 vaults is more or less a pump signal.
No doubt it serves the same functionality as the previous versions but people in the know, knows that once it is deployed, the next upcoming features will be the next focus. And based on what I know since I am fortunate to have direct access to the team, they have it mostly ready for implementation soon.
[Kris] Nice! So what’s coming up? The NFT collection that you spoke about the last time we met?
[JP] Yes bro. I’m glad you remembered. Cronosphere will soon release an NFT marketplace first, followed by our own NFT collection — Pirates of the Cronosphere.
The art is hand drawn as opposed to digitally drawn…

[Kris] Wait, what’s the difference between those two? Hand versus digital? Still gets drawn to a layman like me.
[JP] To most people, there won’t be differences but hand drawn means there is more care and visualization done before committing to the medium as placement is usually final.
A hand drawn artist versus a digital artist thought processes differs as well and to people that find this aspect important, it matters a lot.
It’s the same thing for Polish pottery. Why do people love them? They are handmade, unique and represent the Polish culture and heritage.
[Kris] You made me think of home again. I think I can understand why now. It’s good to have some reminders of how things were done in the past as opposed to embracing machine or digital creations. Great stuff man!
I like what the Cronosphere team is doing, blending traditions into technology. Will have to look much more closer to the project when I can. I underestimated you guys.
[JP] That’s what I told you the last time. We aren’t fly by night. The team has got good veterans in the space and are very focused on making things work and what needs to be done.
We are a small team building features that either accelerates the burning of supply, generating volume to trigger reflections and constant buybacks from the market.
Anything that does one or more of these three will be a strong reason to build because at the end of the day that is what we promised to the growing community.
The NFTs/Marketplace/Vault triggers what I mentioned above and eventually maintains or pushes the price of $SPHERE upwards.

[Kris] I’m really glad you guys chose to home on Cronos and leading by example to the other teams by constantly developing the protocol.
What I can say is that I believe this year, we’ll get more institutional involvement and we’re still very focused on growing Cronos with project teams like Cronosphere leading the way. It’s exciting to stay involved now. Not only dev teams but investors too!
[JP] Fortune favors the brave bro. You know me since Monaco days. I’ve always believed too and I got lucky being invited to the Cronosphere team.

[Kris] You still want to do a tomb fork at some point? Cronosphere linked?
[JP] Argh! No, please don’t reveal stuff like this, Kris! It’s gonna go on record! I have to go now.
[Kris] *grumbles* You can always omit it from the article, lolwut?
[JP] *rises to leave* Yeah bro! Catch you again! Remember don’t reveal anything not in our roadmap yet!
[Kris] SMH!



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