Cronosphere Vaults

Getting Ready to create LP Tokens

There are numerous Cronosphere vaults and they can be a little bit daunting for a new user. Most times, folks are unsure which protocol to create LP tokens on but there is an easy way to find out and be linked to the appropriate protocol.

Can I add more to an existing stake in the Cronosphere Vaults?

No you cannot. Once you have an existing stake in a vault and would like to add on to it, the only way now is to “Unstake” to remove all staked LP tokens & rewards and then “Staking” the new amount.

I am having trouble unstaking, clicking “MAX” doesn’t fill up the values for the unstaking operation.

Manually type in the amount in the dialog box and then hit “Unstake” to remove staked LP tokens as well as all accrued rewards.

My staked amount nor earnings doesn’t show up! What should I do?

Try these steps in this order — Refresh the webpage, reboot your device, connect to the Ethereum chain and back to Cronos chain again and refresh the webpage once done. If all fails, you may need to reinstall & reimport the wallet or try this alternative RPC setting below.

How often does the APR values update?

According to the Cronosphere main developer, Criptoe, the vault APRs update every few hours so it will change throughout the day.

What’s the “Expanding” and “Collapsing” options at the top of the screen?

Expanding vaults are active vaults where staked LP tokens will earn rewards. Collapsing vaults are past vaults that aren’t active anymore. If you are staked in these vaults, make sure you redeem whatever deposits you have made.

Why should I stake in Cronosphere Vaults instead of the actual protocol vaults?

The Cronosphere vaults were designed as a periodic buyback mechanism to boost the value of the $SPHERE token. What happens when you stake at Cronosphere vaults instead of the native vaults is that the Cronosphere vaults will stake on the native protocol on your behalf and convert the earned rewards to $SPHERE and issue it to you.



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