Secrets Of The Cronosphere #1

Price Impact

So this is what I am going to write about today. For those who aren’t sure what it is, you can see this parameter on the swap screen at MMF whenever you do a token Buy/Sell.

Above example shows a 1.24% Price Impact
Example of a 2000 $SPHERE buy
Selling 1000 $SPHERE at one shot

My Tip of the Day

So now you understand a little more about Price Impact and what it does. As we journey together to the Cronosphere, let’s consider some best ways to go about transacting with $SPHERE and how you can benefit most out of it by spending a few seconds to strategize before hitting “Confirm”.

Cronosphere — The New Frontier

Buying $SPHERE

I “almost” ALWAYS buy whatever amount of $SPHERE I want at one go. I want the price to be impacted so much that the next guy who buys after me will have to pay a higher price. Imagine this, if everyone practices this strategy, during peak periods of high buy volume and when the general public picks up news on the upcoming NFT Collection/NFT Marketplace/Vaults, volume will go crazy and by doing the above, I am afraid we won’t be stopping at the Cronosphere and might go beyond it!

Selling $SPHERE

Selling is the exact reverse of buying with a little twist. You may assume that you either DCA the sells or do a huge sell order. I would guess you aren’t wrong to think that but read on. Here’s what I do.

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