State of the Union Address


The guys at ApeSwap, without a doubt, embody Passion. No matter what is going on in the markets, they are laser focused on doing what is right for the longevity of the protocol. I do mean the entire team including the core folks, staff and all the volunteers. This is the one single, defining reason why I continue to stay with ApeSwap and occasionally write about them.


This is an extremely scarce resource in the DeFi space. With developers being mostly anonymous, it is extremely easy to just bail, switch names and restart from scratch, hoping the next time nets a better result. I am truly humbled to know the lead developer for the BabyBanana project and although I wasn’t very comfortable around him initially, the discomfort slowly grew to respect and an appreciation of his attitude towards “doing it right” by the guys who believed in him.


This wasn’t hard for me to decide. I made friends with the lead developer from MoonVault in the later half of 2021 and followed the development of the protocol that he built from the ground up for the community of an abandoned project, where he was also a part of.


This project was bittersweet for me. My first NFT project that I actually participated in the mint and I got so excited I minted 8 at a go! This was in mid-2021. The best part of it was that I actually managed to get the fourth rarest NFT in the entire collection of 10,000!


Just like one of the friends I have had the pleasure of knowing whilst on this Crypto journey, I feel drawn to the underdogs sometimes and it had led me to support (albeit not always positive) new launches or smaller scale projects to help them get off the ground, so to speak.



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CryptoWriter. Community moderator for ApeSwap & ApeRocket. Interested in DeFi platforms and always learning NFTs. Believe in Health > Wealth for me and you.